Founder / Instructor

I have been coaching and teaching dance classes and dance fitness classes for over five years. I always was very bored with the typical gym setting and knew there was a better way to get fit. When I first began teaching dance fitness classes I absolutely fell in love. It was easy for me to create routines and I was excited to see that the clients enjoyed my routines as well. When Coco and I decided to open up JazzCo Fitness we wanted to make sure we always kept the classes FUN for the clients. We work hard to make sure our clients meet and exceed their goals and we are always looking for ways to deliver the BEST of JazzCo Fitness. We have been blessed to have some of the Hottest instructors in Orlando join our team! We are one big family and we all push each other to bring out the best in one another and support our clients with living a healthier lifestyle.




Lead Instructor

When I first came to Jazzco I thought “hmmmm” okay this is going to be a challenge. I thought I was too tough and too good for a dance fitness class; until I actually tried it! I fell in love with the moves and music! I especially love how satisfied I felt after the class. It felt like I just came out of a gym and got a full total body workout! So I decided to sign up and join the class. After about two months of being a regular class member I wanted to see what it would feel like to be an actual instructor since I was already so into fitness. I felt that I could be a great asset to this company! My specialty is Intensity and I love “pushing it to the limit”! The class now loves my techniques and I’m very happy I’ve made this decision to join JazzCo Fitness.



Tish (Gospel Diva)


I became a regular class member of Jazzco Fitness because I’ve been looking for a fun alternative to working out and I found this one! I always love to dance, so Jazzco seemed like the perfect place for me. I loved the atmosphere and how the other instructors bring their own unique vibe. I am a woman of God and I have an Old School spirit about myself. I am Old School to the heart. When the other instructors noticed how much energy I have in the class they encouraged me to become an instructor. I thought to myself that I can also help people reach their goals with my fun energy by bringing old school and gospel music to exercise to. It is a great idea since old school and gospel is such an inspirational kind of music; I feel many people would love to groove to this as well! They love it!! I’m happy I became a part of Jazzco Fitness!

Veronica (SocaQueen)


When I joined Jazzco Fitness. I fell in love almost immediately! I felt and loved the energy of the class and the coaches. The music was outstanding, and I loved the atmosphere and ambiance as well. After being a client with JazzCo for a few months I became so enthused by the whole atmosphere, that I became interested in becoming an instructor myself! Since I am from the islands and love to dance, I thought that I could bring a little flavor within the class. So they gave me the name “Soca Queen”! Bringing Soca and all kinds of other Caribbean music to the class was a great idea and now the class loves it! I want to help people reach their goals by adding my flavor. This was one of the best decisions that I have made. In addition, my body has become fit and toned and I love my new shape!